SAP APO Supply Network Planning Course Content

After completion of course participant able to do following Activities:

  • A planning approach to create tactical plans and sourcing decisions that take the complete supply network into consideration
  • Model the entire supply network and related constraints
  • Create rough quantity based, cross-location production and distribution plan with individual rough bill of material (BOM) and routings
  • Integrate purchasing, manufacturing, distribution and transportation in one consistent model
  • Create feasible plans for purchasing, manufacturing, inventory and transportation
  • Synchronize activities and plan material flow throughout the supply chain

Course Content:

1. Supply Network Planning:  An Overview

  • Supply Chain Modeling
  • Supply Chain Planning

2. Master Data and Transaction Data in SNP

  • Working with Master Data
  • SCM Product Master
  • SCM Resource Master
  • The Production Data Structure
  • Scheduling in Supply Network Planning
  • Quota Arrangements and Source Determination in SNP
  • Transaction Data in Supply Network Planning

3. SNP Configuration

  • Planning Areas
  • Planning Books
  • Macros and Alerts
  • Navigation in the Planning Table

4. The Supply Network Planning Heuristic

  • SNP Heuristic Run
  • Capacity Check and Leveling
  • Planning Supplier Constraints using the SNP Heuristic
  • SNP Heuristic Scheduling
  • Aggregated Planning

5. SNP Run Using Capable to Match

  • Capable-to-Match Process
  • Descriptive Characteristics in CTM
  • Alternative Resources in CTM
  • Finite Supplier Planning in CTM

6. Optimization in Supply Network Planning

  • Supply Network Planning with the Optimizer
  • Optimizer Costs
  • Profiles Used by the Optimizer
  • Parameters of the Optimization Run
  • Comparing SNP Planning Methods

7. Safety Stock Planning

  • Safety Stock Planning in SNP

8. Deployment and the Transport Load Builder

  • Basics of Deployment
  • Deployment Run
  • Transport Load Builder

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