Testing of Basic Methods( Availability check Allocation) with Rule-Based Check

SAP APO GATP Configaration Guide part -5

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  In this we will be testing Product Availability check, Product allocation and if enough supply is not available to meet the

Demand we will be looking whether different Product in the same location can fulfill the demand or we can support the same

 Product and substituted Product in the different location can support this.

                    Initial Conditions:

3.1)  All the Material (Test01_FG01, Test01_FG02, Test01_FG03, Test01_FG04)is transferred to APO and

         Integration model is Active. Also, integration model should be active for Customer also.( Already Maintained)

3.2)   Active integration model was setup for the transferring of Sales orders and Availability check. Before transferring the sales order, the Availability check should be active in the CIF integration model. Also, check Int Model for transferring the stock is active. .( Already Maintained)

3.3)   In APO system Check Mode 050 and ATP Group 02 should be maintained in the ATP Tab. .( Already Maintained)

3.4)   Master data setup for Rule-Based Availability check

3.4.1) Advanced Planner Optimization > Master data > Rule Maintenance > Integrated Rule Maintenance

Select the Rule > GATP_EXP1

Go to Location Product Substitution > GATP_PL01

Maintain Location/Product Substitution rules.

Location Product Subs Location Subs Product Activity Reason Cost
DC01 Test01_FG01 DC02 Test01_FG01 GA02 9000 1
DC01 Test01_FG01 DC01 Test01_FG02 GA02 9000 2
DC01 Test01_FG01 DC02 Test01_FG02 GA02 9000 3
DC01 Test01_FG01 PP01 Test01_FG01 GA02 9000 4


he Activity overrules the Configuration setting which we defined in IMG. In IMG we will be defining in check instruction (with ref to Check Instruction and Business Event) , what are the Basic method to be called, whether rule-based availability to be activated , CTP to be called, MLTP to be called or not.  In an activity, we will maintain with ref to Business event, check the instruction the production to be called or Not.

3.4.2) Create Rule determination- Means Link the rule to the Material/location Combination.


Advanced Planner Optimization > Master data > Rule Maintenance > Create Rule determination


Condition type- GA01

Select Key combination- Location/product

Enter location and product and attach the rule which we defined.


Location – DC01

Product   – Test01_FG01

Rule – GATP_EXP1.

3. 5  Check the configuration discussed earlier for the “Maintain check instruction”.

IMG > Advanced planning and Optimization > Global available to promise > Maintain Check Instruction

For check mode of 50 and Business event of “A,”, Select only check Box  1) Product check. 2) Product allocation check 3) select rule-based ATP 4) In Start Immd availability check the rule evaluation 4) In the start Production availability check only No Production

Assumption: Condition type Configuration is already created. The same was already discussed and can be seen in IMG > Advanced Planner Optimization > Global Available to Promise > Rule-Based Availability Check.


  1. Clear all the old sales order (Demand Element) before we do the Rule Based Availability Check.
  2.  Next is go to Product View and check for Stock of Test01_fg01 at Location DC01 and Location DC02. It has a stock of 10 at DC01 and make a goods receipt in ECC for the same Product at DC02 for 10 PC.
  3. Now stock is 10 at DC01 and DC02 Respectively.
  4. Go to the Planning Book and check the allocation for the Product Test01_fg01 for Customer 0001000040. The Balance allocation we should maintain as 15 PC.

5.    Now test the simulation mode in APO for availability check. Advanced Planner optimization > Global ATP > ATP Simulation. Enter the following details in APO Availability check: Simulation: Initial screen


  • Product- Test01_FG01
  • Location- DC01
  • Check a mode- 050
  • Business event- A
  • Material Availability Date: Today
  • Req Qty: 100

Then execute

  • Sold to Party- 0001000040
  • Product- Test01_FG01
  • Plant- DC01                 >  Then execute.
  • The same can be tested from the ECC system.

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