Life Cycle Planning in SAP APO. Part-2

Life Cycle Planning in SAP APO DP

Setup Lifecycle Planning – like Profile setup / Assignment Part -2

Please go through Previous post  Part -1.  this is continues of Part-1.

Creating Phase in and Phase out


We define phase in and phase out profile to model the life cycle of Old and New Products.


If the phase out profile period is within the history horizon specified in the master forecast profile. the system adjusts the corrected history. If the phase in profile period is within the future horizon specified in the master forecast profile, the system directly adjusts the Forecast Key Figure. We must set the Lifecycle planning Active indicator in the Master Forecast profile

Phase-In profile


Using phase-in profile in Demand Planning, we can simulate the launch phase of any product life cycle. A phase-in profile changes the demand history or demand forecast of a product by given percentages during a specified period or periods.


In Demand Planning, we can also use Like profile to generate forecast for a new product based on existing product. In this kind of scenarios we can adjust the historical data of the “like” product upwards to correct the downward trend in demand during the “like” product’s discontinuation phase.


Step 1


Execute the transaction /SAPAPO/MSDP_FCST1- you will reach the following screen.


After clicking on the Phase In/out button, you will reach the “Time Series Maintenance” screen.

Step 2 – Create Time Series Maintenance

  1. Create the Time Series ID (Phase In) ZDEPH_IN_001 and Description.


2. Give the Phase in Start date and End date and the Period Indicator

If we are launching a new product from 1st Aug, 2011 and that will end by 31st Dec, 2011 and the period Indicator is “M”


3.Select the flag “Before Start date, apply constant factor” –  “0” (its not showing the above screen shot.) you use a constant factor before the start date with a value of 0 in a phase-in profile. You can also enter other values.

And  “After end date, apply constant factor” – 100%


4. For newly launching products, it takes a ramp up time to reach the targeted sales. So we give an increasing % values to attain the targeted sales by the phase in end date.


Here, Phase in Start date is 1st Aug, 2011 and End Date is 31st Dec, 2011. so there are 5 months of time to reach the targeted (100%) sales.


5. Click on “Save Time Series”


6. Click on Adopt Values.


After clicking the Adopt button, you will reach the main screen. With this you have completed the creating Phase in Profile.



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