Core Interface – CIF

sap apo Online TrainingCIF Customizing in the ERP system is used to set up the system infrastructure and to configure the data transfer via Core Interface.

Demand Planning

The demand planning component of APO can create a forecast of market demand for a company’s products. Demand Planning is a flexible tool that supports the demand planning process in a company

Supply Network Planning-SNP

SNP component integrates purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation allowing tactical planning and sourcing decisions to be simulated and implemented using a single consistent model

APO-Business Intelligence

extract the Data from BI to APO and vice versa using Data Mart


SAP APO Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS) – This component allows the planning and optimization of multi-site production while taking into account product and capacity availability


SAP APO Global Availability to Promise (GATP) – This functionality is required by companies as they manufacture and sell items in the global marketplace.

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