APO DP Course Content

APO DP Course Content:

Demand Planning is being carried out with the help of SAP APO DP module. Advanced forecasting methods are being used to have the base of the demand plan. Sales history values are taken from ECC, and forecasting is done with statistical models provided in SAP APO.

End of the Course Candidates able to do following activities in DP:

  • Demand Planning (DP): Master Planning Object Structures, Storage Bucket profile, Planning buckets, Planning Areas, Planning Books & Data views, Advanced Macros and Life Cycle Planning, Statistical Forecasting, Realignment & Copy, Background Jobs, Setup Planning area backup, Product split, Location split, Promotions, Release to SNP and Administrative Workbench
  • Core Interface (CIF):¬† Integration Models, Reconciliation, Queue Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Business Intelligence/Business Warehouse: Administrator work bench, Modeling, Transport connection, Creating info objects, Creating info Providers (Info cubes, DSO, Multi providers), Data extraction from flat files or ECC or BW system. Transformations, Creation of Info package and DTP.

Course Content

1. Supply Chain Model

  • ¬†Introduction
  • Demand Planning Overview

2. Demand Planning Configuration

  • Planning Object Structure
  • Characteristic Value Combinations
  • Planning Areas
  • Proportional Factors

3. Planning Books and Data Views

  • Creating Planning Books and Data views
  • Macros
  • Alerts

4. Interactive Planning

  • Navigation in the Interactive Planning Table
  • Analyzing Data in the Interactive Planning Table
  • Additional Features of the Interactive Planning Table

5. Forecasting

  • Executing a Univariate Forecast
  • Determining the Best Forecast Method
  • Causal Analysis, Multiple Linear Regressions
  • Composite Forecast
  • Forecast Alert Profile

6. Lifecycle Planning

  • Realignment
  • Lifecycle Planning
  • Product Interchangeability

7. Promotion Planning

  • Promotional Planning

8. Mass Processing

  • Mass processing planning tasks in the background
  • Release the results of Demand Planning as a planned independent demand

9. The Internal Business Warehouse

  • The Internal SAP SCM Business Warehouse
  • Transfer aggregated historical data to the internal APO BW system

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