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sap apo online training“NO One Can Teach SAP APO All Modules CIF, APO BI, DP, GATP, SNP, PPDS, TMVS, like us.”

“SAP APO Online Training has taken my career to new heights. I am immensely thankful to the team of experienced professionals who have shaped my career in such a brilliant way.I Never thought they are showing real time scenarios in the Live environment.” – Samrat Jain

SAP is one of the most used ERP software by large number of companies in the recent times. SAP APO (Advanced Planning and Optimization) is a module of it that along with SAP Inventory Collaboration Hub (SAP ICH) and SAP Event Management (SAP EM) creates the SAP SCM solution. The complete SAP SCM suite has a large span of working area, from supply chain planning to execution of the project. This suite also looks after the performance management. Many small and medium sized enterprises are using APO technology for better performance. During the course tenure, the student gets to learn different aspects of SAP that finally opens the door for a lavish career.

Advantages of SAP APO

The core advantage, why companies opt for SAP APO, is, it provides complete end-to-end supply chain management solution linking all the processes together, which further helps in enhancing the process. This technology helps from the order generation to the accurate execution of it. With the increasing demand of the technology, IT companies are hiring people who are already trained in it.

Training on SAP APO could eventually prove beneficial for the freshers as well as professionals to take their career to a new level altogether.

SAP APO Online Training opened up a new door for me with their SAP APO training, just when I thought, IT sector has no job for me. Thank You !!”  -Aloke Rao, Mumbai

Demand of SAP APO

As large numbers of enterprises have adopted SAP APO, the demand for the course has increased quite a many folds in the last few years. This course certainly guarantees that the trainees would get the best of the job opportunities after the course completion. As a pre-requisite for the course, it is better if the students have a basic understanding of the SAP. A basic understanding of the course would help the students learn the intricacies of APO.

“Today I am placed with Nation’s one of the best IT companies after the completion of SAP APO online training and all thanks to SAP Online Trainer  for the quality learning they have imparted to me,” -Rakesh Joshi

Benefits SAP APO Online Training offers

To cater to the demands of the students, we come along with the SAP APO online training. The online course ensures that the students can learn the course at their convenience. Furthermore, the real-time classroom session, ensures that the students get the best of the training. All the faculties here are immensely trained with years of practical experience working with the technologies, they impart training on. We offer each of the students with the world class study materials for better understanding of the course. The affordable and the easy course fee is yet another reason for our popularity among the student community.

“I have always dreamt of having a career in the IT sector, and now I am relishing every bit of my dream. All credits to SAP APO online training center for shaping up my career with SAP APO training.”   -Neha Mathur

SAP APO Certification Assistance

After the completion of each of the aspects of the course, if anyone interested to go for SAP APO Certification we do assistance. Any student can start off their career as the consultant after the successful completion of the SAP APO online training,  also offers placement assistance to each of students in the leading IT companies. Get trained in the latest technologies and jump start your career with a great package.

“I have successfully completed SAP APO course from here and has started my career as a certified SAP consultant with one of the reputed names in the country”    -Tushar Deshmukh

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    1. To be as a APO Consultant start learning with DP is good.so, you get good commend on APO BI, CIF, and Demand Planning concepts. Then learn GATP. Most of the concepts you already know in SAP SD.
      so, for you DP & GATP is good. Any how you are going to attend Demo. More I can Explain in Demo.

  1. Thanks you sir , we are completed in time. Before attend here we attend 2 Demos. But your is good one. we are going to join even SAP APO SNP also.

    1. 1.What are the different ways of creating CVCs?
      2.How many levels does a macro have?
      3.What are the different types of standard macros?
      4.When is the exit and default macro executed?
      5.What is process chain and how is it used in Demand Planning?
      6.What is Info spoke? Where do you find the configuration in BW Admin
      7.What is the basis of creation of planning books and data views considering
      Background job performance?
      8.Where do you set the level at which a DP background job activity has to
      Execute? How can you setup custom alert types for DP and SNP?
      9. What is the difference between Dynamic and Database alerts?
      10. Where database alerts are stored (table name)?
      11. What is realignment and explain the process?
      12. What is cannibalization group?
      13. What are the different forecast error measures and which is most preferred?
      14. What are the different types of key figures you can use in a Planning Book?
      15. What is planning version and planning area initialization?
      16. What is the master data in APO Demand Planning?
      17. What is meant by Release of Demand Plan to SNP?
      18. How do you create proportional factors? What is the standard key figure for Proportional?
      19.What are the types of Key figure aggregation in terms of time?
      20 .Where do you maintain key figure aggregation?
      21 .What are aggregates?
      22.What is the difference between planning characteristic and navigational
      23.What are selection profiles used for?

    1. CTM is an order based planning and is used for Mid-term and Long Term Planning.
      CTM does the planning to fulfill the Requirements as a highest priority and hence goes outside the horizon.
      CTM does the cross location planning strategies of SNP.
      PP/DS is for Short Term planning and is continuous order based planning.
      PPDS does the planning for each product in the individual location as the highest priority and hence sets the orders within the horizon.
      In PPDS, the planning is done for complex networks i.e. scheduling per plant.

      We select CTM under Multilevel supply and Demand Matching & CTM does not consider the complexities and dependencies of manufacturing and distribution but can look-out long term to allocate demand and supply. PP/DS is used to plan critical products such as products with long replenishments lead times (or) products that are produced with bottleneck resources.

  2. I have a doubt “Shelf life period” only be part of SNP or DP and what is the difference between “Life Cycle Planning” and Shelf Life Period

    1. Shelf life period is period during which the material is useful for consumption and thus saleable… Example Drugs have shelf life period ( expiry date ).

      Life cycle planning is the process of planning entire life cycle phases of a material right from inception to discontinue.

      Shelf life planning are used for perishable products only used In SNP. When shelf life planning is turned on for given MM it’s active for all the locations with material.

      There need to be min shelf life maintained for the same and relevant master data.
      Shelf planning can also be done in PPDS.
      Shelf life data is taken into account only by Snp optimizer, not by heuristic and CTM.

  3. I am SAP PP/QM consultant. I would like to start up with APO PP/DS. Can u suggest any good online trainer.

  4. currently I am working as an MM consultant and I am planning to learn APO what way it will suits to my professional experience and my future career if want to switch on to this specific modules could any one suggest me

  5. Hi,

    I am into SCM for quite a time now. But I use JDA SCM but I want to learn SAP APO. I work in Sales and Operations Planning module, so what is best for me to get a good salaried career opportunity ???

  6. Hi,

    I am interested in SAP APO training. Could you kindly send me more information regarding your online training service.

    Thank you.

  7. Hi, I am BASIS Administrator at entry level with one yr exp. Can I go for SAP APO module??
    IS APO is a technical or functional module, Please tell …

    Thanks , Sharma A

  8. I am SAP ABAP consultant possessing more than seven years of experience. having worked in ABAP APO as well. Will it be good, if I learn SAP APO Functional? If yes, which module would be best for me? Will I have demand in the market, as I am an ABAP consultant? Thanks.

  9. I am SAP SD consultant, want to have training in SAP APO, Please suggest if it is possible and Suitable for my further career.

  10. hi team,
    i have experience in SAP ABAP for 6 yrs now planning to move to different level, and i want to choose SAP APO? am i eligible and is my decision is wise enough?

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